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About Curtis D Trent

Curtis Trent comes from a long line of Southwest Missourians, with his first ancestor arriving in the area before the Civil War.  Born in Springfield, Curtis grew up on a small farm near Ava.  Curtis has attended the Church of Christ for his entire life and was baptized into the Church during his early teenage years.  He has continued to be a regular attendee since that time and has worked in the Lord's service as a song leader, prayer leader, and teacher.  As a Christian Curtis recognizes the importance of making sure that our nation's laws never interfere with a person's ability to worship Jesus in every walk of life, not just on Sunday.


One of our first duties as a civilized people is to protect the lives of the innocent. Abortion causes immeasurable harm to the most vulnerable among us: innocent children and their mothers. Each abortion costs a child his or her life, forever extinguishing their unique person and denying someone a son, daughter, brother, or sister. After decades of legal abortion in America it has also become increasingly clear that women are often harmed, both mentally and physically, as a result of abortion........

Good Government

It is a necessary and healthy feature of our system of government that any person can petition their government for a redress of their grievances. However, lobbying has become more than advocacy and has degenerated into a practice where well connected special interests ply government for favoritism. This is especially harmful when former elected officials who have connections and insight into the operation of government use that knowledge to help special interests distort government policy in their favor. If I am elected as your representative I will never become a paid lobbyist.......

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