Curtis Trent comes from a long line of Southwest Missourians, with his first ancestor arriving in the area before the Civil War.  Born in Springfield, Curtis grew up on a small farm near Ava.  Curtis has attended the Church of Christ for his entire life and was baptized into the Church during his early teenage years.  He has continued to be a regular attendee since that time and has worked in the Lord's service as a song leader, prayer leader, and teacher.  As a Christian, Curtis recognizes the importance of ensuring that our nation's laws never interfere with a person's ability to worship Jesus in every walk of life, not just on Sunday.

Curtis learned the value of hard work early in life by helping his parents with the family business and doing odd jobs like picking blackberries for the Farmer's Market during the summer months between school years.  After graduating Ava High School Curtis attended Missouri State University in Springfield where he graduated summa cum laude with a major in Political Science and a minor in History.  Curtis furthered his education at Saint Louis University School of Law and was admitted to the Missouri State Bar after obtaining a law degree.

Curtis' pursuit of public service quickly led him to politics and the campaign of small businessman Billy Long, who was running for Congress.  Following campaign success Curtis joined Congressman Long's staff in Washington D.C.  As a member of Congressman Long's staff Curtis worked on numerous policy issues and constituent concerns.  Curtis returned to his native Southwest Missouri upon completing nearly four years of service under Congressman Long to practice law and be closer to his family.  As a leader with a history of public service, devotion to the principles of our nation, and respect for our civilization's history, Curtis knows that our government institutions are no longer living up to their great potential.    He will work diligently to make the great State of Missouri a humble example of honor, prosperity, and justice to the rest of our nation.