One of our first duties as a civilized people is to protect the lives of the innocent. Abortion causes immeasurable harm to the most vulnerable among us: innocent children and their mothers. Each abortion costs a child his or her life, forever extinguishing their unique person and denying someone a son, daughter, brother, or sister. After decades of legal abortion in America it has also become increasingly clear that women are often harmed, both mentally and physically, as a result of abortion. As science has advanced we now know that an unborn child is not a potential life, but is in fact life; a precious and irreplaceable human life. It is time for our government to listen to the overwhelming will of the American people and end abortion in America.

Health Care


I firmly oppose the new Washington health insurance mandate. The state of Missouri should do everything in its power to protect the people of Missouri from this latest collusion between big business, like the hospitals and the insurance companies, and big government to extract more money from the American people, including many of the poorest Americans who were already struggling to afford health care for their families. Our health care system has been dysfunctional and expensive because government has meddled too much. We are past due to reverse that trend. While we cannot control everything that Washington does, we can make Missouri the freest health care market in the nation.

Economic Growth and Freedom

Missouri should review all regulations to ensure that those regulations are truly in place to safeguard the public good. All too often, powerful special interests capture the regulatory system and create regulations that confer benefits on the special interest or impose costs on new market entrants who might want to compete against the special interest. A good example of this is the tendency of the state to require too many credentials to engage in routine business practices. Many licensing requirements do not enhance public safety, but merely serve to discourage competition and impose additional costs on the provision of services.  If we want our state to prosper we should stop throwing up barriers between new businesses and their first customer

Good Government

It is a necessary and healthy feature of our system of government that any person can petition their government for a redress of their grievances. However, lobbying has become more than advocacy and has degenerated into a practice where well connected special interests ply government for favoritism. This is especially harmful when former elected officials who have connections and insight into the operation of government use that knowledge to help special interests distort government policy in their favor. If I am elected as your representative I will never become a paid lobbyist.

I also support legislation to prohibit former elected officials and former government employees from ever acting as paid lobbyists. We do not need insiders putting their thumbs on the scale of justice in exchange for lucrative salaries from special interests who want to manipulate government for their own advantage.

Tax Reduction and Reform


I support eliminating the state income tax and replacing it with a tax on commerce, such as the Fair Tax. The income tax is one of the least efficient and regressive tax structures possible. It is inefficient because it creates disincentives to earn more money by taxing every dollar earned. It is regressive because it favors existing money, especially the large fortunes of the wealthy, over new money, which is the income being earned by poor and middle class workers. A commerce tax treats new and old money equally by only taxing it when it is spent. Since a commerce tax creates incentives for thrift and savings it is highly efficient. Our nation was founded on a system of commerce taxes. Income taxes were not imposed without interruption in Missouri until 1917 and there is no reason to keep imposing them today.  We can raise the revenue needed to fund our state's priorities in a fairer, more efficient way that will foster economic growth instead of suppressing growth


Major streams of commerce traverse the State of Missouri bringing many opportunities for Missouri businesses to grow and prosper. Missouri's transportation strategy must have vision comparable to its vast scope. When we think about transportation we cannot only focus on roads, but must also take into account how rail, water, and air transportation affects our state. If we want economic progress then we must also have a forward looking transportation program to help foster growth


I oppose national standards like Common Core. Parents, teachers, local school boards, and the Missouri legislature should determine what standards our children must achieve, what subject matter is taught, and how that subject matter is taught. Those standards should be high, they should emphasize traditional learning and discipline, and they should be readily transferable to any other part of the United States, but they should not be dictated to the people of Missouri from the federal government or by corporate interests which seek to outsource worker training to the public school system.

Our education system should recognize that people are more than economic units. Education is the key to unlocking much of the beauty and mystery of the world we live in. Children need exposure to science, literature, poetry, music, and the useful arts. As modern technology offers the difficult to resist pull of instant gratification we must ensure that children are exposed to the great works of culture and civilization so that they are truly able to choose which kinds of interests they want to pursue in life. Without exposure to all the many different areas of human activity children are left with small horizons and culturally impoverished lives.

Second Amendment

I support the right of the people to keep and bear arms for marksmanship, hunting, and the defense of themselves and their families. I believe that Missourians should be able to own weapons without having their names placed in a government database. I will work to protect Missourian's firearm rights from any encroachment and be a forceful voice for the right to self-defense.